Size Chart

How to measure

BUST:  Measure at the fullest/largest part of bust area
(while wearing usual undergarments)
WAIST:  Measure at the smallest part of your waist
HIPS:  Measure at the largest part of hips 

Compare your results to the chart below

This is your Shenova dress size.


Shenova Body Measurements Chart

When ordering, mention if you prefer a looser or tighter fit.

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XS: BUST 32-34" (83-86cm) / WAIST 26-27" (66-68 cm) / HIPS 35-36"  (88-91 cm)
S: BUST 35-36" (88-91cm) / WAIST 28-29" (71-74cm) / HIPS 37-38" (94-96 cm)
M: BUST 37-38" (94-96cm) / WAIST 30-31" (76-78cm) / HIPS 39-40" (99-101cm)
L: BUST 39-40" (99-101cm) / WAIST 32-33" (81-84cm) / HIPS 41-42" (104-106cm)
XL: BUST 41-42" (104-106cm) / WAIST 34-35" (86-89cm) / HIPS 43-44" (109-112cm)
XXL: BUST 43-44" (109-112cm) / WAIST 36-37" (91-94cm) / HIPS 45-46" (114-117cm)



Custom sizes are available for an additional fee.*  

*Please note there are no returns on custom sized items and allow up to 4 weeks of production to shipping date.