Sizing Info

How to measure 

Predict the Fit of Your Dress:

BUST:  Measure at the fullest/largest part of bust area
(while wearing usual undergarments)
WAIST:  Measure at the smallest part of your waist
HIPS:  Measure at the largest part of hips 

Compare your results to the chart in Right Column below:


Shenova Body Measurements Chart

For Example: If your body measurements are (36"/28"/38") A size Small would be best. Comparing it to the Small size flat garment measurements (35"/29"/40") You'll get a snug fit on Bust/ 1" room on the waist, and 2" of room on the Hips)

The fabric we use is a lovely combination of stretch but still holds shape.

The best fit for most is one that is not too tight, and not too loose. 

We cut our standard patterns true to size "professional fit" -fitted at bust, relaxed at waist, roomy on the hips. 

We realize fit is everything when it comes to enjoying your garment and feeling confident. The patterns we use are in constant evolution in response to our customer feedback, over 1000s of dresses sold. We are always striving to improve. We want you to feel like a STEM Rockstar when you wear Shenova dress!

Want more info on how to find the right size? Simply send an email with your measurement info.



Inches to Centimeters

XS: BUST 32-34" (83-86cm) / WAIST 26-27" (66-68 cm) / HIPS 35-36"  (88-91 cm)
S: BUST 35-36" (88-91cm) / WAIST 28-29" (71-74cm) / HIPS 37-38" (94-96 cm)
M: BUST 37-38" (94-96cm) / WAIST 30-31" (76-78cm) / HIPS 39-40" (99-101cm)
L: BUST 39-40" (99-101cm) / WAIST 32-33" (81-84cm) / HIPS 41-42" (104-106cm)
XL: BUST 41-42" (104-106cm) / WAIST 34-35" (86-89cm) / HIPS 43-44" (109-112cm)
XXL: BUST 43-44" (109-112cm) / WAIST 36-37" (91-94cm) / HIPS 45-46" (114-117cm)



Custom sizes are available for an additional fee.*  

*Please note we cannot acccept returns on custom sized items and allow up to 4 weeks of production to shipping date.