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Jupiter Dress

Show off your love of Jupiter, the magnetic planet! 

The print is the actual NASA image of Jupiter's wild gaseous atmosphere (90% hydrogen and 10% helium). 

Also available:  Jupiter Tie  /  Women's T-shirt
    1. High Quality Printed Fabric
    2. Individually Made To Order.
    3. Production Time: 2-3 weeks (+ shipping)
    4. Professional 40" length.
    1. Individually Made To Order.
    2. USA: Due to fabric supply delays, dresses ship 3-4 weeks from order date
    3. International: Production: 3-4 weeks + Shipping time: 1-2 weeks
    4. Please confirm size before ordering to help us minimize returns.
    1. High stretch silky finish poly / 17% spandex
    2. Minimal wrinkling — Great for travel.
    3. Machine wash cold. Hang dry.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
New Favorite Cocktail Dress

This dress was absolutely perfect! I got so many compliments on it during the event I wore it too. The fabric was smooth and thick enough for a professional dress, but not too thick that it felt a winter dress. The fit and cut were a perfect balance between stylish and modest. (The sizing chart matches measurements perfectly too!)

Holly was extremely accommodating, making sure I could get the dress in time for an event as well!

I look forward to getting more pieces in the future and wearing this dress again. :) Thank you again!!

ADORE this dress

I love this dress! Holly worked with my measurements to make the bottom a little less fitted so I'd be more comfortable at work. It's perfect--the fit is professional and the fabric feels so good. I wore it to give a talk at work and the audience loved it, too.