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As above so below

I am a molecular biologist, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love the celestial bodies in the sky overhead! I love my Saturn Dress. It’s flattering, comfortable and gets lots of interesting conversations started! I love it!

fantastic service, I love the scarf! Great for NYE and it comes with lots of batteries. Thank you!

My favourite dress

Not only the perfect fit, it's super comfortable and perfect for conference traveling, not a single wrinkle! Looks good with both, sport shoes and more formal high heels. This is pretty important to me because I mostly have sport shoes!
Also the print is absolutely beautiful. Thanks so much Holly!

A skater dress to surf on those gravitational waves

While I have a few of the other Shenova dresses this was the first skater dress I bought. I wasn't sure what size to order so I followed the advice on the site order up and couldn't have been happier. It's really comfortable and perfect fit. I've already worn it to give talks at conferences and was a perfect thing to wear on Christmas day this year (well it is summer in New Zealand! :o) ). Will definitely be ordering another skater dress in future!

A stellar dress for a stellar professor!

I've been wanting to order this dress for ages and was so happy to wear it. I'll be wearing it when I lecture to our first year astronomy students! And at conferences and any other excuse I can find to wear it. :oD

My go-to professional dresses!

Holly helped develop this dress (and actually a gala version I've been wearing as well for formal events) to celebrate our groundbreaking work with the Event Horizon Telescope to make the first ever real picture of a black hole! I love her dresses, I wore the spacetime dress at the press conference for the image too, they fit great, the fabric is really comfortable, high quality, robust and (really important!) easy to wash! As a professional scientist it's very important to have clothes that are formal enough to wear for official PR events and talks, and I have often struggled with that because I'm not a very formal person. These dresses are great because they are sleek and look great also with a jacket or sweater, and convey the message that I'm proud to be both a woman *and* a scientist! My only comment would be that as an extra short, extra small it sits a tiny bit long in the torso, but still fits me much better than most stuff I order!

Amazing dress!

I love this dress so much! The fit is fantastic and it's a great conversation piece. My husband got the coordinating tie and we were the talk of the evening. Holly is absolutely wonderful to work with.

Love it

It's honestly I love it! It's not something I've seen before. It was a gift and turned out great.


Scarf is softer than I was ever expecting, and the print is so gorgeous! The lights are truly special and so unique. Thank you for such a wonderful product!

Great gift

I got this as a gift, and it is a great dress! My recipient already had one Shenova dress she loves, and she's a big fan of Lovelace, so I knew this would be a popular dress. She wore it for the first time yesterday, and got several comments. Great dresses with awesome STEM themes!

Thank you so much for the review, Taylor! Always awesome to hear that the dresses are conversation starters. :-)
Great dress!

Perfect fit! Nice material. It isn’t flimsy and will wear well. Well constructed and sewn. And I love the Fibonacci series pattern.

Looking great, Jennifer! Thank you so much for the review!
Sleek and festive

Looks good and fits well. The geomertic print is very reminiscent of Indian block printed clothes - which I love. The orange glow of the center of the M87 blackhole on the black background makes it look like it is glowing. It is a bit snugger than I usually like (the fabric is stretchy) but it looks good.

well made and interesting dress

Loved the dress. Good fit. Im a climate scientist so I will wear it a lot!

Fun dress!

I absolutely love the neuroscience retina dress! It is beautifully made and soooo comfortable. The initial size I ordered was too big but the exchange process was very easy and I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

Thank you for your positive review and photo, Amy! You look amazing! :)
Amazing dress #1

Although I'm a molecular neurobiologist, I have worked on drug discovery projects that use x-ray crystallography. I am also a huge fan of Rosalind Franklin. So this dress with the iconic photo was selected above more "obvious" choices. I was thrilled with it. It travels very well, fits perfectly (thanks to helpful discussions with Renee), has a classic design that looks good in any situation - but also has the potential for identifying fellow geeks! People in the know immediately comment (earning themselves imaginary bonus points with me) and a few have gone on to also get this dress. LOVE it. I already have a 2nd and am now planning my 3rd dress...

Thank you Caroline! So glad the dresses worked out well for you! :)
Another amazing dress

After buying my much-loved Rosalind Franklin dress, I decided I needed another science-themed dress and chose this one. Partly for the statement it makes about climate change and partly because it looks a lot like a heat map with gene expression profiling data I have generated in the lab. This is a wonderful, easy-to-wear dress that is suitable for multiple occasions and situations. I love the fact that it travels well so I can put it in my tiny carry on and it still looks immaculate when I put it on. Renee was also incredibly helpful with shipping, timing it so that it arrived at my hotel the day before an academic meeting (DNA damage - nothing to do with climate change, but this dress can still pull it off!).

Thank you so much for your review, Caroline! So happy it got to you on time! :-)
Proud to Wear this Neuro Dress!

The dress was comfortable, brightly colored, and fit well (thanks to the fit guide information). I wore it to my Biomedical Sciences Master's program reunion and it was a hit!

Perfect hue and perfect fit

When ordering something like this I always run into two problems. First the colors. Either they are too faded/dull and blended or they are bright to the point of gaudy and cheap. The colors on this dress were, however, perfect. The dress looks like it was designed as a dress and not just a science themed gimmick.

The second issue is usually fit. In order to fit a wide variety of sizes the cut of a lot of vendors is one that is designed for a mythical 'average' person. This often results in a garment that does not fit anyone at all. The way this dress has been designed, as well as due to the choice of the material, actually allows for a perfect fit and one is that is quite comfortable.

Overall, this is a brilliant looking dress that simultaneously makes a statement and is comfortable. Honestly, I kind of wished there was a process to ask the designer whether they could do a bespoke design based on one my wife's experiments. I would highly recommend anyone who is considering this purchase to go for it. You will not be disappointed.

New favorite dress!

Title says it all -- this is my new favorite dress! I've definitely violated a few societal norms though because I've worn it three times in a week...but this dress is worth it! The sizing is great, and the quality is awesome. It's super comfortable and definitely gets people talking about space whenever you're around! Thank you Shenova!

Thank you so much for your review, Stephanie! Love to her it when the dress is a conversation starter. :-)

The gravitational wave print is awesome. The bag is well constructed. I can’t wait to use it for work.

Brilliant dress

Brilliant dress, such a brilliant idea. Have worn it a few times already for my work as an energy and carbon manager. It always starts a conversation. The fit is great, just as described by the measurements. I love all the clothes designs on the website and just wish it was cheaper to import them in to the UK!

Beautiful, comfortable and a conversation starter

I wanted this dress as soon as I saw it (of course, there were a number of designs I wanted once I went to the Shenova site and saw them all). It was a perfect fit and I wore it out the day I received it - just to run errands but It's the kind of dress that goes from grocery store to dinner at a restaurant. The mythical day-to-evening dress! While I was waiting in line at the grocery store, a woman complimented me on the beautiful pattern. I explained it was climate change data and gave a synopsis of the info provided by Shenova. Everyone in line was instantly engaged and we all discussed the facts on everything from the sad and instant visual shock these stats provided to the idea that Holly was able to create such an appealing pattern from them. I had not expected this reaction! If this dress can inspire such a conversation in a single, brief encounter, imagine what it can do over the course of it's life in my wardrobe! Exciting to think that some minds might be changed and/or inspired by seeing this data displayed in such a simple, accessible way.

Great fabric, important science

As with all my Shenova dresses, this gets a five star rating. The new fabric is a bit thicker and a bit heavier, giving the dress a nicer shape (not that the previous dresses weren't nice before!). The colours are exactly as on the website, with the pinks being slightly redder in real life. The fit is perfect; Holly was super helpful in altering a Medium to fit my cycling legs. I'll be wearing it with pride to the SPIE Optics & Photonics conference in August :-D

Moon Dress
Splashdown hit at Apollo event

Caught the attention of many folks who came out to celebrate the anniversary of the first humans landing on the moon. Great conversation starter. Great piece to show the beauty, science and perspective from the Moon. Comfortable and fun dress.

The best dress ever!

The dress was everything I expected and even more! I received a quick response on my question online. It is absolutely wonderful that Shenova makes these inspiring dresses! Thank you!