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Another hit from Shenova

This definitely isn't my first Shenova dress, but it's one of my favourites and has been worn so much since I got it last year! (Tbh it's difficult to choose which is my favourite as I love them all).

I love the pattern and colours and wear it all year round, with tops over/under or cardigans or thin/thick tights and leggings as needed.

I ordered a large as I have before and it fits well (UK size 14, 5'8", large bust). The neckline on Shenova dresses isn't one that usually works for me with my shape, but somehow it works with these dresses!

Blueprint Rocket Scientist Dress

Excellent outfit that fit perfectly -- very well made. I love it! :D Delivery was also fast and Shenova was quick to respond to queries.

Stylish AND comfortable

This is a beautifully nerdy dress for someone who works with x-rays. The fabrics are great, and the black insets on the side feel nice and soft and somehow cotton-y. Very much suited for people who need comfortable clothes that also look good! Because it has no sleeves, it works really well with black longsleeves or T-shirts underneath (yey for more versatility).
If you live in Europe, getting it through customs will cost you time and extra money, but it's totally worth it. And if you are short like me (165cm or 5ft5), you might have to shorten it by about two inches, so it ends up right at the knee and not below. The curse of really short legs... Otherwise the fit is great and if in doubt, trust Holly Renee with her judgement, it's spot on.
And the only reason this doesn't have five stars is because pockets would make it perfekt.

Beautiful new fabric, same perfect fit

Holly was fantastically helpful, allowing me to get a different style in the BOSS fabric. These dresses are the most comfortable I own, and never fail to be noticed in the best way possible!

Thank you so much for your review Cydde! :)

Love it!

The print is so cool and the dress is comfortable! Can't wait to wear it to a conference (when those start up again)! Thanks, Holly!

Not like anything else!

Fortunate to not have mandatory masks except for a short period earlier this year. I purchased this for the ‘when it happens’, and after trialling it, was thrilled with the quality, and design, as being a glasses wearer, the temporary one I had was a pain in terms of steaming up glasses. The fit and the band on it prevents this, and the print will be a talking point when I need to put it on. Thank you again for another stellar (!) product!

Awesome dress!

I bought this as a present for my wife, and wow she loved it! She said it was the best gift from me, lots of thought. I just love seeing her wear it, it really looks so great.

Perfekt dresses

Purchased 3 dresses and they all fitted perfectly! Love them because they all have something to talk about at partiets, whenever it will be possible again, and they give me a nice figure!

Thank you so much for your review, Gunilla! So happy you like the dresses :)

Comfortable, great for travel, and it inspires so many compliments!

The design is beautiful with scientists registering it as yeast and the general public often mistaking it for beautiful butterflies. I get SO many compliments whenever I wear this. The material also lends itself to travel (perfect for a scientist on the go!) as it doesn't wrinkle, it dries quickly, and it's light-weight. A perfect dress for doing science in the lab, giving research talks, kicking butt in a board room, traveling the world, visiting a brewery, or lounging about the home in style.

Fabulous engineering dress

I just got this for Christmas. It is snowing here, so I have only tried it on but I love how it looks and feels. Stretchy and comfortable, yet nice and form fitting, and a great length to be appropriate for many occasions. I can't wait for it to get warmer to be able to wear it more.


Love it, wore it in my TikTok and it looks beautiful!

Christmas gift

Really great gift and excellent quality. Took longer than expected but covid times are very odd so no complaints! Everything i wanted! Thanks very much!

Very comfy!

The style, cut and fit of this dress is excellent, and very comfortable. Wearing around home for social distancing, but very happy with the acquisition!

Periodic Table Weekender Bag
Jason H.
My Order is Leading to Future Purchases and Further Competitions in Naming the Elements

The Periodic Table bag was purchased as a gift. The recipient loved the design and size of the bag; we even enjoyed challenging ourselves in naming the elements.

An absolutely wonderful dress

I was browsing Twitter in the wee hours of the morn, and happened to stumble across a picture of someone wearing this dress. My 3 AM impulse purchase was well worth it though, as this dress is absolutely sunning. Not only does it feel good to wear, being one of the softest dressed I own, but it looks incredible as well. This dress looks even better in person, and I will be wearing this dress at every possible occasion.

Love the constellation dress!

I love this dress so much - great pattern, flattering cut/sleeve length. Perfect combination of style meets STEM - I always get so many compliments when I wear my Shenova dresses (typically for outreach events, lectures as well
as work). And I absolutely love that the dresses can be made to my measurements - I am relatively curvy so it’s hard to find a dress that will fit me in the waist and hips. Perfect fit every time and I’m on my third Shenova dress so far.

Comfortable and classy

This is my fourth and potentially favorite Shenova dress. It's comfortable, fits well (the XL has room for my curves), feels soft, holds its shape and color, and is so pretty! The constellation dress is the perfect addition to my collection of planet dresses!

I love the dress, the cut and the pattern.The fabric is comfortable. At 6' 0", the hem comes to just above my kneecaps when standing. It arrived while classes have been shut down, but I've worn it for recording videos for my physics students. It will be part of my regular work rotation.

Celestial form :-)

I love the cut and look of this dress. I wore it to teach my high school physics classes last Thursday and was getting compliments in the halls and by other faculty. I'm 6' 0", so the sleeves come to my elbows rather than just past as shown, but it's still a lovely effect. A passing student wanted to know where the Big Dipper was (It's on the back on my cut, with Ursa Major wrapping around the right side near the waistline.) I'll be revolving it through my wardrobe regularly

Fibonacci Sequence Dress
Caroline v.d.W.
3rd dress!

Yet another outstanding dress from Shenova. Same great features as my other two dresses - packs and travels well, hangs beautifully, subtle design that is extremely flattering thanks to the placement of the white bars. This is becoming an addiction. Need to plan my next dress...

Gorgeous dress

Beautiful dress, and the material is so comfy. I'm so excited to wear it.

Amazing dress, great fit!

My wife has several Shenova dresses, and they are all among her favorites. I recently surprised her with this one, and she loves the pattern, and the fit is the same as the others she already loved. It's one of those dresses that makes it worth doing laundry more often so you can wear it again sooner!

Hedy Lamarr Wifi Pencil Skirt
Lisa M.
Great skirt and conversation starter

This is a great, lightweight pencil skirt. It travels well and is a great conversation starter. You can wear it with many different tops since the color is neutral. Works well with a shaper, too.

So beautiful and comfortable

Absolutely in love with this dress! Looks and feels great! Packs up very well and wrinkle free when I took it out of my suitcase, huge win!

Thank you for your review Rachel! You look fabulous :)

Encryption Dress
Alyssa M.
Love it, this is my new keynote dress

I love this dress and intend to wear it often for public speaking events. The sizing information was spot on. For me it's a little big in the hips but that's because I have a very square body shape. Across the shoulders and chest however, it fits as expected and even being loose in the hip area, since it's an A-line dress, it still hangs well and looks good. The material is of decent weight and pretty much what I expected for a print pattern like this. The sewing is very professional and feels sturdy, I expect it will be quite durable. All in all, I'm very happy with my purchase!!