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Exoplanet Dress

Exoplanets are planets outside our solar system. By studying them, we ultimately hope to answer the big Questions of life: 

Where did we come from? Are we alone?

“We used to think that the Earth might be unique in our galaxy. But now it seems that there are literally billions of planets with masses similar to Earth orbiting stars in the Milky Way,” --Daniel Kubas, co-lead author of the paper “One or more bound planets per Milky Way star from microlensing observations”, A. Cassan et al, Jan '12

As of  2018, there are 3,797 confirmed planets in 2,841 systems, with 632 systems having more than one planetThe discovery of exoplanets has intensified interest in the search for extraterrestrial life. 

This super chic, versatile dress is inspired by the mystery of the Universe. Featuring an ESO artist's impression of how common planets are around the stars in the Milky Way. A six-year search that surveyed millions of stars using the microlensing technique concluded that planets around stars are the rule rather than the exception. 

        1. High Quality Custom Printed Sport Lycra
        2. USA Sewn on Demand
        3. Comfortable Classic Fit
        4. Professional Length.
        1. Individually Made To Order.
        2. USA: Dresses ship 3-4 weeks from order date
        3. International: Production: 3-4 weeks + Shipping time: 1-2 weeks
        4. ***Please confirm size before ordering***
        1. 88% Poly / 12% Lycra 4-way stretch
        2. Panel styles have 35% Poly/55%Cotton/10%Spandex
        3. Minimal wrinkling — Great for travel.
        4. Machine washable. Hang dry recommended.


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 8 reviews
      Another hit from Shenova

      This definitely isn't my first Shenova dress, but it's one of my favourites and has been worn so much since I got it last year! (Tbh it's difficult to choose which is my favourite as I love them all).

      I love the pattern and colours and wear it all year round, with tops over/under or cardigans or thin/thick tights and leggings as needed.

      I ordered a large as I have before and it fits well (UK size 14, 5'8", large bust). The neckline on Shenova dresses isn't one that usually works for me with my shape, but somehow it works with these dresses!

      Cappy B.
      Love it!

      The print is so cool and the dress is comfortable! Can't wait to wear it to a conference (when those start up again)! Thanks, Holly!

      Maria A.
      My favourite dress

      Not only the perfect fit, it's super comfortable and perfect for conference traveling, not a single wrinkle! Looks good with both, sport shoes and more formal high heels. This is pretty important to me because I mostly have sport shoes!
      Also the print is absolutely beautiful. Thanks so much Holly!

      Wow!! Must-have for any space girl!

      This dress is so far out- the print is just incredible and it fits perfectly! Thank you Holly!

      Would look almost perfect if I were a bit taller!

      I ordered the 'off the shelf' version of the dress and the size is a pretty good fit (M), but it's a couple of inches too long for me (I'm about 5'3"). I can't get it tailored as is due to the design, so next time I would ask for a more custom-made fit version. Anyway, it's nice and I can still wear it but it lacks that 'perfect fit' feeling.