Shenova's Mission Statement

"Fashion is no minor matter––it helps define us, reflects what we value, and displays how we wish to appear."
Fashion statements send influential messages and Shenova wishes to send a strong one; a message of #STEMpowerment.
  • We create high quality, made-to-order apparel inspired by women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).
  • Shenova embodies the solution for women who have struggled with finding appropriate, memorable clothing that also allows them to express their femininity.
  • Our designs creates fashion statements that serve as invitations to a conversation––a conversation about STEM.
  • Our purpose is to enable women to dress in a way that promotes their achievements, while also allowing them to present themselves in a dignified way.
  • Above all, Shenova is a brand that celebrates possibility and discovery by women that are changing the world.






Meet Holly, The Designer

Holly Renee's "industry chic" design aesthetic is a result of an artist growing up in a family of scientists and engineers. An educational background in fashion, graphic design and illustration laid groundwork for her love of print-focused clothing. She discovered her medium in digital fabric printing, with its endless possibilities that allow the body to be an expressive canvas.

She noticed a lack of fun yet sophisticated pieces that could express her enduring love for science.  In 2012 Holly launched Shenova on Etsy (the first piece being The Neuroscience Dress.)  She loves the idea of empowering women through fashionable pieces that spark meaningful conversations. Her mission is to make Women in STEM the New Rockstars.


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Interview with Holly Renee 





All Shenova™ items are digitally printed 

The digital fabric printing process provides a zero-waste print-to order technology. The textile file that is created is printed onto transfer paper, then transferred to the fabric with heat rollers which permanently seals the inks into the fibers. 

The fabric is then individually cut to size, tagged, sewn and shipped to you! 

Digital fabric printing is allows whimsical flexibility, and endless creativity. If you can see it, you can print it (then wear it!)  

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Cara Santa Maria 

Wear Your Passion

Holly's clothing was always heavily inspired by space and science, but the idea to translate STEM fields into fashion didn't really manifest until Dr. Erica Warp requested a custom order inspired by her work in neuroscience. When Holly saw her creation worn at Erica's graduation it triggered a long line of STEM inspired clothing. You will find dresses from Science, Technology, Engineering and even Math in the Women in STEM collection. If you have a field you're passionate about, don't hesitate to share your ideas.

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"What we as a society consider stylish is no trivial matter, as it reflects what we value and how we wish to appear to be known."
“Fashion is both a predecessor of what has taken place in larger society, and a predictor of what will take place.”
"Fashion helps define and shape popular culture."
"Fashion is a mirror of history" - Louis IV. 

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By projecting a bolder message with you wear, you can make yourself memorable and let 'em know what you stand for. 

Check out this inspiring TED video about gender stereotyping by Molecular Scientist Ines Pineda- Torra  "What Does a Scientist Look Like?"

A Shenova is a true conversation starter, helping you meet others with similar interests and will be sure to get you noticed wherever you go.





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