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"My dress got lots of compliments at the technical communicators' conference. The material is soft and doesn't wrinkle when packed. It's pretty much the ideal travel dress. 





"Shenova is an innovative fashion brand that empowers women to dress in a way that promotes their achievements."





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Six Most Important Topics in Astronomy for 2017

April 29, 2017

Exciting Astronomy Topics 2017

From mysterious new planets to a total solar eclipse, 2017 is an exciting year for astronomy. We’ve gathered six reasons we think you should be excited this year.


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Updated Periodic Table Leggings

April 28, 2017

Periodic Table Leggings

Updated Periodic Table Leggings design is now available on Zazzle! Featuring the newest elements of the periodic table: Nihonium (NH), Moscovium (MC), Tennessine (TS) and Oganesson (OG). 

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New product: Wearable LED Constellation Scarf

December 23, 2016

Katie Linendoll and Illumiscarf

Today I'm happy to announce I've teamed up with Emmy-Winning Tech Expert Katie Linendoll to bring you the IllumiScarf; a truly comfortable and wearable scarf that lights up the night around you.

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Amazing Astronomy Gifts

December 08, 2016

Amazing Astronomy Gifts

To celebrate that the Illumiscarf is now featured on, here is a list of other amazing astronomy gifts from the site. 

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