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Code Poetry Dress

Elevate the dress code with this hacker-chic dress!

Wear the power of code with this elevated tech dress! If you're looking for that perfect outfit for a work or tech event, this sophisticated conversation starter will surely do the trick. 

Hand Crafted in California. High Quality stretch Sport Lycra. US printed & sourced fabric. Side Panels are Poly/Cotton for breathability and comfort!

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    A women in tech collaboration: Code by Kodekrafting and Estefannie Explains it All
      1. High Quality Custom Printed Sport Lycra
      2. USA Sewn on Demand
      3. Comfortable Classic Fit
      4. Professional Length.
      1. Individually Made To Order.
      2. USA: Dresses ship 3-4 weeks from order date
      3. International: Production: 3-4 weeks + Shipping time: 1-2 weeks
      4. ***Please confirm size before ordering***
      1. 88% Poly / 12% Lycra 4-way stretch
      2. Panel styles have 35% Poly/55%Cotton/10%Spandex
      3. Minimal wrinkling — Great for travel.
      4. Machine washable. Hang dry recommended.


    Customer Reviews

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    Maya W.
    Dare to Stand Out!

    The Code Poetry dress is my 3rd Shenova dress. I LOVE Shenova! I work for a software company, and these dresses have taken my style to a whole new level. I own the Fibonacci dress, as well as the Periodic Table dress. You have one time to make a first impression, let Shenova show you the way. ❤❤❤❤

    Wonderful conversation starter, much complimented!

    This dress is lovely, and it has been complimented a lot. I love it because it reflects the interdisciplinary nature of my research so well. I've received many compliments for it, and it is an excellent conversation starter.
    Do Note however, that the text is quite small and it does run the whole length of your body, so people will stare at you, and come close to read it, and that can cause some awkward moments...but then I wouldn't want to change the size of the font, so I think it's perfect as is.