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Fractal Math Dress

Infinitely functional and aesthetically pleasing; the Fractal dress is a wardrobe centerpiece you'll want to wear again and again!
The term "fractal" was first used by mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot in 1975. Mandelbrot based it on the Latin frāctus meaning "broken" or "fractured", and used it to extend the concept of theoretical fractional dimensions to geometric patterns in nature.
"The Mandelbrot Set is the most complex object in mathematics, its admirers like to say. An eternity would not be enough time to see it all, its disks studded with prickly thorns, its spirals and filaments curling outward and around, bearing bulbous molecules that hang, infinitely variegated, like grapes on God's personal vine."
[James Gleick, "Chaos: Making a New Science"]
The "most complex object in mathematics" naturally lends itself to an intricate lace-like pattern. This dress combines the best of both worlds: fashionable and educational! 
      1. High Quality Printed Fabric
      2. Individually Made To Order.
      3. Production Time: 2-3 weeks (+ shipping)
      4. Professional 40" length.
      1. Individually Made To Order.
      2. USA: Due to fabric supply delays, dresses ship 3-4 weeks from order date
      3. International: Production: 3-4 weeks + Shipping time: 1-2 weeks
      4. Please confirm size before ordering to help us minimize returns.
      1. High stretch silky finish poly / 17% spandex
      2. Minimal wrinkling — Great for travel.
      3. Machine wash cold. Hang dry.


    Customer Reviews

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    Amazing dress, great fit!

    My wife has several Shenova dresses, and they are all among her favorites. I recently surprised her with this one, and she loves the pattern, and the fit is the same as the others she already loved. It's one of those dresses that makes it worth doing laundry more often so you can wear it again sooner!