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Customer Photos

Women of Shenova

It's always so exciting to see my creations on clients in real life. I try to keep this section updated as often as possible. 

All clients can submit photos by e-mail or Twitter

Astrophysicist Dr. Kelly Holley-Bockelmann on stage at TEDx Nashville 

Cyber Security Bio-Implant Hacker Marie Moe at Tedx Vicenza in the Circuit Print Panel Dress


LIGO Spokeswoman Gabriela Gonzalez in the Gravitational Waves Dress

Yvette the SciBabe with a B.A. in theatre, a B.S. in chemistry, and an MSc in forensic science with a concentration in biological criminalistics check out her FB page here

STEM-ed Specialist Amanda Fox about to go onstage for a Keynote in her customized DNA print dress


Emily Lakdawalla in Fibonacci Dress by Shenova

Emily Lakdawalla

Fibonacci Dress

Emily is the Senior Editor and a Planetary scientist, at the Planetary Society. Follow her on Twitter.


Jawa sisters

Melissa & Lavanya Jawaharlal

Circuitry Panel Dress & Blueprint Rocket Scientist Dress 

Founders of STEM Center USA and known from Kickstarter and Shark Tank


Jupiter Dress worn by Emily Rice, Astronomer

Emily Rice 

Jupiter Print Dress

Emily Rice is a professor, author and astronomer and also co-founder of Startorialist; a blog where science meets fashion.


Elizabeth Lee of CyArk

Elizabeth Lee, VP of Cyark500

Custom Dress based on CyArk 3D scan of Jerash, Jordan

Vice President of CyArk; a non-profit organization devoted to preserving the worlds cultural heritage sites through ground breaking 3D scan technologies. 


Interactive Particle Physics Dress

Chung-Hay Luk, Pro UX Designer & Wearables whiz

Interactive Particle Physics Dress (custom project)

Chung-Hay's made the dress with me for her fathers (Professor Kam-Biu Luk) big day at the Breakthrough Prize gala. Yes, it lights up and changes color. Learn more.


 Kellie Gerardi Elon Musk at Exporers League

Kellie Gerardi, Mars One Candidate on stage with Elon Musk and the Prince of Bhutan!

Custom Dress

Kellie works in the commercial spaceflight industry and was invited to the annual Explorers League in NY. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.


Monica Linden Brown University - Neuroscience

Monica Linden, Neuroscientist

Custom Neuroscience Shirt (based on the Pink Neuroscience Dress)

Monica is a lecturer in Neuroscience at Brown University and wanted the shirt for her online video course: Exploring Neural Data


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Blue Neuroscience Graduation Dress 

The amazing Dr. Erica Warp, Neuroscientist (and my very first into to Neuron fashion!)


Neuroscience leggings with giant neuron

Moon phases dress and Nikola Tesla shirt

Non Profit Techie Samantha Sartor  & her husband Anthony Ferraro of Astronauts, Etc 


Circuit Print Dress

Mandie from Geeky Glamorous in the original Black Circuitry Print Dress

Circuit Dress

Fan-Pei in an earlier version of my White Circuitry Dress