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Here is one awesome #fashiondesignermoment: when 2 people wearing your designs randomly run into each other at a Neuroscience conference!! I also heard there was a third, walking around in the Neuron leggings. I wish I was there to see that!   -Holly






Check out Dr. Erica Warp and her Giant Neuron Display at the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. She is wearing a prototype of my newest brainwave print legging (brain states, meditative to excited) Coming soon! I also designed her Neuromusician husband a tee shirt print with the circuitry of his program design for their interactive neuroDisco display--


These two are seriously one of the coolest smartest most creative couples I've ever met. An inspiration to say the least! 



Local Neuroscientist/Researcher Chris in his custom Neuron print T shirt and DNA leggings. QuirkY fabuLOus!



Seana Lyn in the Acupuncture Dress. Loving the day to night look!



Philosopher, Lifestyle Theorist  and Herbalist Brandon Gilbert of Hyperion Herbs in his DNA print T shirt 


The ultimate fashionista/artist/musician Serena Toxicat in the Origins of Universe Gown 



Erica Warp in her cap and gown, custom made Neuron Dress getting her PhD in Neuroscience. Go Erica!

Serena Toxicat in the Earthrise Dress

Singer, Performer and Artist Serena Toxicat in the Northern Lights Coat



Amber in the Pink Nebula Astronomer Dress

Singer Songwriter Renee Asteria in custom Shenova