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Botanical Illustration Dress

Botanists and Entomologists will love wearing this stunning Women in STEM Tribute dress featuring a collage of Maria Sibylla Merian's incredible artwork!

Maria Sibylla Merian (1647-1717) was of the most significant contributors to the field of entomology. She discovered many new facts about insect life through her studies. Collecting and breeding insects served as her main inspiration for the drawings. 

She first made a name for herself as a Botanical artist. Merian was also the first European to independently go on a scientific expedition in South America! Her most celebrated works are those from Metamorphosis series. 

Maria was described as lively, hard working and courteous. She was a woman of both art and science. 

This fancy yet wearable dress will be your new favorite go-to piece for special evenings out and great conversation starter at professional events!


    1. High Quality Printed Fabric
    2. Individually Made To Order.
    3. Production Time: 2-3 weeks (+ shipping)
    4. Professional 40" length.
    1. Individually Made To Order.
    2. USA: Due to fabric supply delays, dresses ship 3-4 weeks from order date
    3. International: Production: 3-4 weeks + Shipping time: 1-2 weeks
    4. Please confirm size before ordering to help us minimize returns.
    1. High stretch silky finish poly / 17% spandex
    2. Minimal wrinkling — Great for travel.
    3. Machine wash cold. Hang dry.


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