Women in Physics Talk About Their Careers


Here are some great quotes from female physicists on why they chose their careers, from the Women in Physics Conference 2016.



"Physics gives you an insight into life that no other subject does"

-Dr. Francesca Wheeler, Lecturer/Teacher


"Physics is the Big Story on how the world works, what's not cool about that?"

Dr Heather Williams, Senior Medical Physicist, Nuclear Medicine, Central Manchester University Hospitals


"Everything that you touch these days has physics associated with it, so you can have a great career if you do take it on further"
- Philo Daniel-Tran, Head of Systems Engineering at Thales


“Physics itself is exciting enough. It’s not like a 9-to-5 thing. When you’re tired you sleep, and when you’re not, you do physics.”
Sabrina Pasterski,  aka "The Next Einstein", Harvard


Sabrina Pasterski

Sabrina Pasterski

Holly R
Holly R


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