Particle Physics Dress at the Breakthrough Prize

Breakthrough Prize in particle physics

I wrote about the Interactive Particle Physics Dress a few weeks ago when we premiered it at the 360 Fashion and Tech Show in San Francisco. UX Designer Chung Hay Luk commissioned it from me and created the interactive LED lights connected to the heart monitor beneath the fabric. 

The fashion show was just the test run though. It was always intended for Chung at her father's big day where he and other scientists were recognized for their work in Fundamental Physics. 

The gala was held in Silicon Valley on November 8th where the Breakthrough Prize organization presented over $20 million to physicists, mathematicians, life scientists and even a talented high school student. The awards were given out in a Oscar-style ceremony with celebrities like Pharrel, Russell Crowe, Hilary Swank, Christina Aguilera and others in attendance. But the show was all about the scientists and their incredible work. Chung's father, Kam-Biu Luk, was one of several scientists recognized for their work in Physics. Congratulations!


Professor Kam-Biu Luk

Kam-Biu attended the University of Hong Kong from 1973 to 1976 where he received his B.Sc. in Physics. He went on to the Rutgers University in 1977 and was awarded his Ph.D. in 1983. Then he did his postdoctoral research at the University of Washington in Seattle until 1986 when he went to Fermilab as an Associate Scientist. Professor Luk came to UC Berkeley/LBL in 1989. He received the R.R. Wilson Fellow of Fermilab in 1986-1989; won the Department of Energy Outstanding Junior Investigator award in 1989-1991; received the Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow in 1990-1994; a Miller Professor in the Fall of 2001; recipient of the Panofsky Prize in 2014, and a fellow of the American Physical Society.

Read more about Berkeley Labs involvement in the research





Holly R
Holly R


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