10 Reasons to Rock Shenova Leggings

1. Be comfortable: 
Waistband is not too tight, not scratchy or restricting. The fabric feels smooth against the skin.

2. Easy fabric care: 
Will not wrinkle, fade or stretch out. Wash in machine and machine dry. Or if you are travelling you can easily wash them in the sink and hang them out.

3. Truly versatile: 
Wear them to work/school, then workout, then out to dinner, then to the club- heck you can even 
sleep in them!

4. Easy to pack: 
Roll them up to a size of a wallet and toss an extra pair in your purse.

5. Practical: 
The lightweight yet durable premium poly stretch fabric actually breathes yet is warm enough for cooler weather. It is performance fabric so it also keeps you dry.

6. Get noticed: 
You'll never see anything like Shenova prints. The graphics and colors are vibrant, and you'll get noticed everywhere you go.

7. Look your best: 
engineer every design with the female body in mind, to flatter all the right curves and all the right angles. Unlike other popular legging brands that don't consider this, I never design anything that wont look great even on larger, curvier shapes.

8. Tell a story: 
Every Shenova print has content, a story or character in mind. Want to be a nerdy scientist? How about a medieval goddess? A fearless gamer girl? Theme it up!

9. Support Local: 
Every pair of leggings is made to order from the entire process (design, printing, sewing) by me and a local seamstress (who also happens to be a very cool sci-fi and fantasy writer/ creative Renaissance woman!) I personally know everyone involved in the creation of my products.

10. Meet more people:
It's kind of a funny thing, but, when you wear visually exciting clothes with easily recognizable themes, people are attracted to you like birds to shiny objects. They get curious and want to know you. I have actually managed to meet several scientists and researchers just from wearing out my DNA dress ! It is something to help break the ice when they can come up to you and say, "I noticed that you have DNA on your dress! That is so cool! I happened to work in genetics...." And then what do you know, you meet someone new. This reason alone is probably one of the big ones why I am in fashion to begin with :) It can be tough to meet new people, especially us shy nerdy types right? :) 

So there you have it. I personally love wearing my leggings all the time. Stay tuned for the new designs--
Thanks for reading, from yours truly,
Holly Renee

Holly Lemster
Holly Lemster


Holly is the founder of Shenova Fashion. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA she now runs her studio in the San Francisco Bay Area where she combines her passion for the STEM fields and making clothes.

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james Thomes
james Thomes

May 11, 2017

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