New Shoot with Keisha Howard and Fan-Pei Kuong!

You might have noticed that several of my dresses now have new amazing pictures. My most recent photo shoot featured my most passionate STEM models: Fan-Pei Kuong (aka ModelTechie) and Keisha Howard (founder of SugarGamers!) 

Pink Code Dress on Fan-Pei

Fan-Pei modelling for a pink version (coming soon!) of my customizable programming code dress

MakeUp time with ModelTechie and Janine

Behind the Scenes EEG Brainwaves Dress with FotoKai

Our make up expert, Janine from Vintage Vixen Makeup even helped model my EEG Brainwaves dress! (See it here)

Keisha Howard in the white circuitry dress

Keisha Howard in a new version of my Circuitry Print dress


Photographer Kai Parviainen once again did a fantastic job with the shots. If you haven't seen his work, visit his Facebook or homepage to see more! He's awesome! 


A few of the STEM dresses:

Keisha Howard in the Global CEO Power Dress (Buy now)


Fan-Pei Kuong in the Pink Neuroscience Dress (Buy now)


Keisha Howard in the Bluegenes DNA Double Helix Dress (Buy now)


Fibonacci Dress

Fan-Pei Kuong in the Fibonacci Sequence Dress (Buy now)




Fan-Pei Kuong  |  Instagram

Keisha Howard  |  Facebook



FotoKai  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

Holly R
Holly R


Holly is the founder of Shenova Fashion. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA she now runs her studio in the San Francisco Bay Area where she combines her passion for the STEM fields and making clothes.

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