Amazing Astronomy Gifts

Amazing Astronomy Gifts List

If you haven’t been to our friends at Geekwrapped before, now is your chance to discover one of the very best lists of geeky, tech and science gifts. I can’t think of another list that makes science and tech look this exciting. Just check out their Buying Guides to Telescopes, Science Apps, 3D printers, drones and beautiful astronomy watches. Or you can just shop by interest. 

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I’m so happy to see that the Illumiscarf (aka the LED Constellation Fleece Scarf) is also featured on Geekwrapped. Thank you for the tip, Cara! The popularity for the scarf has blown me away over the past few weeks. I subscribe the popularity to the approaching holidays. Speaking of: to celebrate I’ve picked my favorite Astronomy Gifts from Geekwrapped. This will give you an idea of the awesome presents you come across on their site. 


Glow LED Star Pillow

Fiber Optic Star Cushion

I was instantly in love with this pillow. It features fiber optic fabric and the battery lasts for dozens of hours. Beautiful!

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Levitating Magnetic Atlas

Atlas of Levitation

A magnet powered globe that levitates and rotates. 

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Space Shuttle NASA Cookie Cutter Gift

Space Shuttle Cookie Cutters

Assemble the shapes to make 3D replicas of NASA crafts and other spaceships. You’ll also find the made-to-order Solar System Sugar Cookies on the list.

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Planetarium Paperweight Solar System Gift

Planetarium Paper Weight

Made out of glass and comes in a great gift box. This is an easy go-to gift for any astronomer. 

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Nebula iphone case cover

3D textured Nebula iPhone case

Don’t ask me how it works, but this iPhone case is 3D printed with a texture you can feel. As if the hubble telescope imagery wasn’t pretty enough already. 

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Night Sky Playing Cards Poker Astronomer Gift

Night Sky Constellation Playing Cards

Perfect gift for any astronomer that spends many long nights outside waiting. Each card contains a custom illustration, with each suit representing a different season.

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LED Constellation Scarf

Look for the Illumiscarf while you’re at the site. In collab with tech expert Katie Linendoll, it is now available from Shenova Fashion.

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