Cara Santa Maria at the March for Science

Cara Santa Maria hosts March for Science Washington DC


The March for Science took place on April 22nd, 2017 in over 600 cities across the world. One million people marched to show their support for science and scientists! The march here in San Francisco was great, but we were very distracted keeping our eyes on the march in Washington DC where we knew Cara Santa Maria was emceeing the rally. It was the first time the gala version of the Fibonacci Sequence dress was seen in public. 


We doubt Cara had any nerves though. She’s a science communicator, podcaster and veteran TV host. You might know her from Talk Nerdy, The Skeptics Guide to the Universe or TechKnow.

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Cara Santa Maria at Washington DC March for Science April

Cara encouraging the crowd to take a selfie in front of the White house.


Cara Santa Maria with cohosts of March for Science

Cara with her co-hosts of the March for Science. 
Image credit: Lynn Fellman


Cara Santa Maria with Thomas Dolby March for Science

Cara Santa Maria with Thomas Dolby (She Blinded me with Science)


Scibabe Yvette March for Science Periodic Table Dress

Scientist and writer Yvette d’Entremont aka Scibabe was also out in a Shenova classic: the Periodic Table Dress. 


The march continues, however. There’s much work to be done in the field of science communication. We hope we can continue to be a part of giving a voice to women (and men) in STEM across the world. 

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Fibonacci Sequence Gala Maxi Dress by Shenova Fashion

Fibonacci Sequence Gala Maxi Dress


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