Celebrate Science with these Space-Inspired Dresses

Celebrate Science with these Space-Inspired Dresses

November 07, 2016 0 Comments

Space Inspired Dresses

From breakthroughs in ExoMars Mission to upcoming films such as Hidden Figures, space-related news is becoming increasingly prevalent–and 2017 is guaranteed to have some big things in store. As NASA launches TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) in search of other worlds and as the Cassini probe completes its ‘Grand Finale,’ there are myriad reasons to be stoked about space.   

So to celebrate these space-related events in style, here’s a list of 5 space-themed dresses from the Shenova ‘Women in STEM’ collection that commemorate the breakthroughs in science and technology. These dresses feature designs far beyond common nebula or galaxy patterns–offering a whole new way to show your love for space, science, and technology. Each one is inspired by a specific technological advancement and is the perfect thing to wear to a conference, speaking engagement, or anywhere you want to make a statement!


Dark Matter Boss Dress 

Dark Matter BOSS Dress

After a decade of collecting measurements of 1.2 million galaxies, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and its Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (BOSS) have created the most comprehensive three-dimensional map of distant galaxies to date–and that’s the pattern on the the Dark Matter BOSS Dress. While each dot on the print indicates the position of a galaxy 6 billion years into the past, be assured that this dress is nothing but modern. Featuring a professional and ultra-chic turtleneck style, this dress enables you to look like a boss–while wearing a BOSS pattern.  

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Saturn Dress


Saturn Dress

The Saturn Dress encapsulates the iconic Rings of Saturn in a striking way. This pattern is inspired by images from NASA’s Cassini Solstice, a mission that has been extended until 2017. Prior to Cassini, NASA only had brief glimpses Saturn. However, the mission shed new light on the planet’s complicated ring system, discovered new moons, and made the first measurements of Saturn’s magnetosphere. Based on the revolutionary Cassini images, this sleek dress features a grayscale pattern that is feminine, powerful, and professional–making it easy to dress up or down.

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Apollo9 Rocket Scientist Blueprint Dress Michelle Lucas

Image credit: Michelle Lucas (Founder, Higher Orbits) 


Blueprint Rocket Scientist Dress

It may be inspired by rocket science, but it’s a no-brainer that the Blueprint Rocket Scientist Dress lays the foundation for a spectacular wardrobe. Honoring the incredible work performed by female rocket scientists, the pattern on this dress depicts NASA blueprints of the Apollo lander on the front and the Saturn V rocket on the back. The bright pop of color makes a memorable statement that is especially great for speaking engagements or public appearances!

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Jupiter Dress

Jupiter Dress

Jupiter is a highly magnetic planet with a wild, gaseous atmosphere–and the Jupiter Dress captures its distinctive and unpredictable environment in a chic, refined way. In contrast to Jupiter’s tumultuousness, the fabric on the dress is incredibly smooth to the touch and features a pattern based on NASA images of the gas giant. This crew-neck classic is the perfect garment to help you celebrate the incredible advancements in planetary imaging and is sure to be a great conversation starter!

Shop the Jupiter Dress


Gravitational Waves Chart LIGO Dress

Gravitational Waves Dress

Tired of plain old plaid? Take a closer look and you’ll see that this design is fresh take on the classic pattern. The Gravitational Waves Dress is a stylish way to celebrate the discovery of gravitational waves detected by the twin LIGO observatories in Livingston, Louisiana and Hanford, Washington. The print depicts the signals from two merging black holes, each about 30 times the mass of our sun, lying 1.3 billion light-years away. As the plots reveal, the data very closely matches Einstein’s predictions. So, next time you feel like your wardrobe is falling flat, put on the multi-dimensional Gravitational Waves Dress and wear the fabric of space-time!  

Shop the Gravitational Waves Dress


Space-Inspired Jewelry 

Want more? Check out these great space-themed jewelry collections that make for great accessories to pair with any Shenova dress.


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