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Artificial Intelligence Dress Graphcore Machine Learning

Did A.I. Just Dream up the Latest Fashion?

When I first saw these images made by Graphcore’s machine learning frameworks, or “A.I. Brain Scans” I was in awe of how human they looked. Frankly, I have to admit: it even makes me feel slightly uncomfortable how artistic they are.

 Graphcore Artificial Intelligence Graphs

Graphcore is a technology company that has created the “fastest and most flexible platform for current and future machine intelligence applications.” 

First off, I could barely believe they were artificially made. They looked natural and had the stunning, chaotic complexity of microscopy or an expressionist painting. I immediately started imagining a dress.

The image that you see is created by their highly advanced software framework, Poplar. It visualizes graph computing.

As described on Graphcore’s blog:

“The vertices of the graph represent computation processes and the edges represent communication between processes. The layers in the graph are labelled with the corresponding layers from the high level description of the network. The clearly visible clustering is the result of intensive communication between processes in each layer of the network, with lighter communication between layers.”

The original image below is using deep learning to speed up astrophysics data analysis generated from the LIGO gravitational wave detector. If their model is executed on the Graphcore IPU, this image is generated. (See also- Gravitational Waves Dress)


Image credit: Graphcore / Matt Fyles 


The entire story illustrated with this beautiful data visualization imagery inspired me to create the dress. I loved the how the sweeping circular lines creates different shapes on the figure.

The striking red focal point felt natural to position over the left side- for an asymmetrical off-the-shoulder look. 


I love how the resulting design came out. The print took amazingly well to fabric. It looks like so many things at once: cellular, artistic, tropical, tribal. The most interesting aspect to me was the philosophical question it inspired: 

Can a machine be an artist?

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Holly R
Holly R


Holly is the founder of Shenova Fashion. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA she now runs her studio in the San Francisco Bay Area where she combines her passion for the STEM fields and making clothes.

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Tara Clelland
Tara Clelland

July 03, 2017

Now your work is amazing!! I am into different things. If they have a whole lot of colour in them, EVEN BETTER!!

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