New: Dark Matter BOSS Dress

Dark Matter BOSS Dress

I loved how much attention the world gave the recent LIGO discovery of gravitational waves. It's a really good sign when substantial scientific announcements is highlighted by the media. So today I'd like to highlight another super cool piece of space news: the largest ever 3D map of the universe!

The map was made thanks to hundreds of scientists and astronomers from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey III collaborating to measure 1.2 million galaxies covering a volume of 650 cubic billion light-years. The result is the massive orange dotted map below. If that's not mind-boggling enough; consider that each of those dots is a galaxy that each houses a few hundred billion stars.

And this is just a quarter of our observable universe! 

SDSS Dark Matter 3D Map

Image credit: Jeremy Tinker, Daniel Eisenstein and the SDSS-III collaboration



I don't think any dress I make would do this project justice, but I couldn't resist trying. The resulting dress is my tribute to the five years the SDSSIII scientists spent detailing this incredible map. 

I call it the 'Dark Matter BOSS Dress'. It's a super-fashionably chic and professional turtleneck style sheath dress that goes easily from day-to-(starry!) night, and is designed to look fabulous with your favorite blazer.

To give a sense of distance and "sparkle"  added a gradient of color to the original image.  The original colors indicates distance from Earth, ranging from yellow on the near side of the slice to purple on the far side. 

Buy the dress now from the online store.


Dark Matter Dress Pattern


Gravitational Waves Dress


Holly R
Holly R


Holly is the founder of Shenova Fashion. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA she now runs her studio in the San Francisco Bay Area where she combines her passion for the STEM fields and making clothes.

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Navita Khaira
Navita Khaira

September 28, 2016

I am absolutely in love with the Dark Matter Boss Dress. Its incredible how far we’ve come technologically, in mapping out the galaxy.Thank you for helping make science and fashion not mutually exclusive :)

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