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The Women in STEM collection has a whole new look, two new hemlines, and a galaxy of new possibilities. Check out the Women in STEM Skirt Collection, now available for you to browse or buy in all of your favorite Shenova STEM designs.  

Have you heard the news? Science Fashion just got a splash of stay-cool summer style with the Women in STEM Skirt Collection. Get ready to shine in these flattering, feminine designs that are ready for you to dress them up, down, or anywhere in between. Here’s everything you need to know, including all of the available cuts, styles, plus ordering and sizing info so you can create a look that’s perfectly you.


STEM Skirts are available in two stylish silhouettes: a sporty skater-style skirt, or our classic and sleek pencil skirt. Pick one (or both!) and add your personal touches to create looks fit for a casual outing or the catwalk.

Science Skater Skirts FLared DNA

Skater Skirts

Classically styled in a soft & stretchy brushed poly suede with four-way stretch, this lightweight and flowy circle skirt has a flattering high rise 4” covered elastic waistband and a fingertip+ length 15”-16” outseam. Available in sizes XS - 2XL.


Science Pencil Skirts DNA


Pencil Skirts

Our sleek pencil skirt is precision-cut and hand-sewn after printing with a four-way stretch poly spandex blend and boasts ultra-comfortable microfiber yarn, and free-to-move covered elastic waistband. 19 - 23 ⅜ in length, the pencil skirt is available in sizes XS - XL and runs slightly large.



Ready to stay cool with your own sophisticated science skirt or looking to buy the perfect brainy gift? Check out all the available designs that are ready to buy in our STEM skirts collection below. Both Skater and Pencil styles are available for just $59. When you order your STEM skirt, make sure to allow for 1-2 weeks for production and shipping.

Are you shopping for STEM and science dresses? Check out our original line of Women in STEM styles.

Physics Astronomy Flared Skater Skirts


Flirting with physics? Check out these six smart styles, including artsy options in atomic and astrophysics, and a posh particle physics style you won’t find anywhere else.

Atomic Daisy Pencil Skirt

Dark Matter Skater Skirt

Constellation Skater Skirt

Constellation Pencil Skirt

Gravitational Waves Skater Skirt

Gravitational Waves Pencil Skirt

Millenium Simulation Skater Skirt

Particle Physics Skater Skirt


Biology Inspired Skater Skirts


Browse our Biology skirts for the latest in genetics aesthetic and neuro-chic designs, plus our must-have looks for the modern MD.

Serotonin Molecule Skater Skirt

Serotonin Pencil Skirt

Dopamine Molecule Skater Skirt

Brainbow Skater Skirt

Brainbow Pencil Skirt

Neuron Skater Skirt

Retinal Neuron Pencil Skirt

DNA Skater Skirt

DNA Pencil Skirt

Red Blood Cell Skater Skirt

EKG Heartbeat Pencil Skirt


Blueprint Engineering Skirts


Do you rock out with rocket science? Our retro rocket blueprint designs are precision-engineered just for you.

Rocket Engineering Blueprint Skater Skirt

Rocket Science Pencil Skirt


Technology Skater and Pencil Skirts 


Looking for style that’s comfy enough to code in? Check out the bold, breathable designs in our tech boutique.

Hello World Code Pencil Skirt

Code Poetry Skater Skirt

Circuitry Skater Skirt

Circuitry Pencil Skirt

AI Art Pencil Skirt


Ready to pick your STEM skirt? Head on over to the Women in STEM Skirt Collection page to get started.

Women in STEM Skirt Collection

Is there a STEM field you’d like us to include in the Women in STEM collection? We love hearing from you and bringing your ideas and passions to life. Let us know in the comments or shoot us a message if there’s a field you’d like to see in the shop. And if you haven’t yet signed up for our mailing list, scroll to the bottom of the page before you go so you can be among the first to hear about new styles as soon as they come out.

Melissa DeVrieze
Melissa DeVrieze


Melissa DeVrieze Meyer is a writer and editor based in New Jersey where she lives with her partner, two sons, and almost enough dogs. You can find her on twitter at @meldevrieze or behind the telescope in her backyard.

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